Leif's Social Impact in 2018

Dec 20, 2018

Leif is proud to be the only all-in-one platform that powers ISA programs for some of the most innovative education programs: from non-profits to career accelerators, to traditional accredited universities. Our partner schools have succeeded in providing quality education to thousands of students at an affordable cost — with proven results. Thousands of students will have a brighter 2019 because of the amazing work carried out by our partner schools.

2018 in Review:

We offer opportunity to an Underprivileged Demographic...

Average Income at Application

... And create a huge $30k average uptick in Salary in as few as just ~6 months

Average Income Uptick

… While a majority of students on the platform apply with no College degree

Student Education Background at Application

… With a wide range of Credit Profiles (significant % would not qualify for private loans)

Credit Score distribution

.... Across a broad Geographic Distribution

ISA Geographic Distribution

Leif is proud to invest in you.

Happy Holidays and all the best in the year to come.
Team Leif

Jeffrey Groeber
Co-Founder & CEO