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The Future of Education Finance

Can ISAs Help Close America’s Talent Gap?
Jan 11, 2019

The headlines keep coming: a worldwide labor shortage is looming. Some say it is already here. According to Manpower Group , 46% of companies report they are struggling to find qualified workers. Other surveys report numbers as high as 68% , and in June, a report by NFIB Research Center noted the percentage of small businesses not able to fill open positions was at a record high. The aging…

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Leif's Social Impact in 2018
Dec 20, 2018

Leif is proud to be the only all-in-one platform that powers ISA programs for some of the most innovative education programs: from non-profits to career accelerators, to traditional accredited universities. Our partner schools have succeeded in providing quality education to thousands of students at an affordable cost — with proven results. Thousands of students will have a brighter 2019 because…

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Traditional Financing Doesn’t Work for the Average College Student
Nov 16, 2018

More than 60% of Americans think the average college student is 20 years old, according to research by the New America Foundation , and the majority believe that most students go to school full-time. Those of us who work in higher education know that the reality is completely different. The typical college student today is actually 26 years old. Only half of all college students attend full-time…

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Do Income Share Agreements Increase School Applications?
Nov 05, 2018

Despite the intense policy interest surrounding income-based financing for higher education, there has been little to no causal investigation whether these solutions actually increase participation in educational programs. Most income-based financing is broadly simple. Students receive value, either through funds or educational services, and in return they pay a defined percentage of income until…

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The New Deal in Higher Education
Sep 18, 2018

A few years ago two economists at Princeton did an experiment. They wanted to see how thinking about money affects our intelligence. Does thinking about money make us dumber? It turns out, it doesn’t. Except for people with low incomes. When low income individuals were prompted to think about a large car repair cost their IQs dropped a full 10% during tests. That’s the equivalent drop of going an…

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